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Get your hemp business on the right track with UST! As experts in payment processing, we can tailor a merchant account to fit all of your unique needs and get you ready for secure payments. No matter what level or size of operations, our team is there every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly.

A partnership to empower hemp businesses


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Selecting The Best Processor for your Hemp Business

Finding the perfect payment processor for your hemp business can be a challenge. With so many options available, it's important to research and decide which one best fits your company’s needs. Take time to consider not only features but fees, processing times, security level and reliability!

Cut the Red Tape

Selling hemp products has its own unique set of challenges, but with our program you can navigate these obstacles and achieve success. Our solutions give you quick access to the market while ensuring that your transactions are secure for both parties involved - forget about reliability issues or shifting regulations! Let us help show how much easier selling hemp products can be with our cutting-edge system.

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Why UST?

Our custom-tailored services are designed for getting 'high risk' merchants up and running quickly with debit and credit card payments - all while offering competitive rates. With our expertise in reducing risks associated with businesses within the hemp industry, you can rest assured knowing that UST will get you set up properly and securely on a payment gateway that fits your needs best.

Key Features

Business owners can now enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a secure, reliable payment processing solution designed specifically for hemp products. No longer worry about your payments - rest assured that you and your customers are covered!

Fair and Transparent Pricing

We make accepting cards as fast, painless, and secure as possible. There are no extra fees, no long-term contracts, and no tricks. All Transactions 3.99% + 25¢ per transaction (for Farmer/Industry Members).


UST processes millions of payments annually and handles the complexity of payments on your behalf so you can rely on your cash flow coming in.



UST provides everything a hemp merchant would need to easily manage their hemp business—from payments to hardware and full back-office. Everything works together seamlessly.


With end-to-end encryption, customers’ payment data never touches your servers or devices. Our system is battle-tested every day, 24/7, to eliminate any potential vulnerabilities. No extra fees.

Omnichannel Solutions

Whether a hemp merchant is selling their products online, in store or at a pop-up event, they can feel confident that their inventory and payments can live in one place and work anywhere (online, in person, in app).

PCI Compliant

We make PCI Compliance easy and have AML and KYC checks in our system, at no extra cost.

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Ready to take your business to the next level?

 Use the payment provider trusted by NIHC for your hemp business.

Pricing for NIHC Members

NIHC Members receive transparent and fair pricing with UST. We have two pricing structures, depending on which type of Membership level you belong to.

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This category is for businesses that produce, distribute, market or sell hemp products and for laboratories that are ASTM and NIHC Certified.

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This category is for businesses and organizations that provide services and non-profit organizations, National Farmers Union chapters, associations and government agencies.


Need a payment solution for growing your hemp business? 

Our mission is to provide an effortless experience for businesses looking for payment solutions in the hemp industry. We make payment processing quick and simple, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business!

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