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Over the last two decades, UST has been on a mission to revolutionize merchant services by providing creative solutions that minimize risk and maximize cost-efficiency. By focusing primarily on our merchants' best interests, we've become experts at providing best in class solutions to our valued clients. 

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We utilize only PCI Compliant software solutions.

We are the only provider that will assist you each year with the completion of the annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for your PCI Compliance requirement.


That means we help clients understand the PCI Compliance Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) as well as the Compliance portal for completing the PCI requirements online. We do this for our clients at no additional cost.

We also provide multiple trainings each year to each of our clients on PCI compliance and 9 best practices for maintaining the most secure card security environment. Click HERE for PCI Compliance workshops offered exclusively to our clients as part of our services.

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Boutique may sound fancy or pricey, but with UST, it means that you don't sacrifice affordability to receive personalized attention with the most advanced payment solutions in the market.


Our commitment is to offer white glove service – while reducing costs.

A retention rate of 96% over the last 10 years is a testament of our commitment to quality, technology, and most of all, our clients.

We provide each of our clients with Caring, Personalized Service. Our outreach to you is personal – by email, phone and face-to-face (in-person and virtually). That means we don’t use a ticketing system or a call center staffed by hundreds of agents who don’t know you or your business. We work with you to provide the best-in- class service, lowest rates, and superior technology. 

UST is the only vendor with exceptional past performance in all 3 key performance areas:

1. Offer a service level that only a specialty boutique firm can provide


2. Offer the security and technology scope that only a large processor can provide.


3. Offer assistance with your PCI Compliance. 

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Payment Gateways

UST is here to streamline your payment ecosystem and make collecting money a breeze. With us, you have the freedom to choose from over 120+ gateways-because choice matters.

Subscription Billing

Unlock the ultimate convenience by setting up customized, scheduled payments that allow you to save both yours and your customers' precious moments.

Advanced Reporting

With customized reporting, merchants can not only keep a close eye on their credit card operations but take immediate control of them as well. Instantly review every transaction in detail and adjust any outliers with just one click – resending receipts, voids or refunds - all from the convenience of your own dashboard!


Invoicing is the perfect way to streamline and and speed up your collections process, while ensuring that your customer's data is the most secure. Customize your invoice, and easily track all payments via an online dashboard.


Streamline your payment offering and give clients the convenience they need with check processing. By adding ACH/eCheck capabilities, you can pave a path for clients to effortlessly deduct funds directly from their bank account - essential for many businesses that rely on recurring payments!

Alternative Payment

More business cards and high value rewards cards are being issued which is increasing interchange rates paid by your organization as the merchant. Offer your members and customers other forms of payment options in addition to credit card such as Cash Discount and Crypto.


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And many more...

Payment Solutions for Microsoft D365 Business Central

UST Pay revolutionizes the way Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users make payments. With 120+ payment gateways and processors to choose from, we empower our clients with more options - all integrated into D365/BC while tokenizing credit card data to keep your business secure and saving you up to 30% in processing fees immediately.

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