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Meet The Team


Wade is a CPA who brings 20 years of financial expertise and business management experience to U.S. Transactions Corp. Wade also has an extensive network of contacts within the government contracting arena.


He was previously with Ernst & Young in San Francisco and later PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Stuttgart, Germany where he was senior engagement manger responsible for the assurance work for IBM, Kodak, Sony Europe, and several other multinational companies.


He also served as President/General Manager to three early-stage fast growth companies in the life sciences industry. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business with a B.S. in Economics.

Wade Tetsuka, CPA

President, CEO


Rick works with Fortune 1000 class enterprises to provide integrated Level-3 capable merchant processing and fintech solutions that support their inbound and outbound payments—often in complex environments including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, large e-commerce installations and legacy applications with eye to streamlining back office work flow and reducing costs.


A veteran 3Delta Systems (3DSI), Rick was Vice President of Business Development for Enterprise Payment Solutions.  Rick held responsibility for the strategic development and management of the CardVault tokenization service and sales to 3DSI’s enterprise customers.  Previously, he was 3DSI’s Director of Operations.  Rick has over 25 years of experience in sales, operations, marketing and finance in the federal government, real estate and card processing industries.

Rick Ricker

SVP Enterprise Solutions

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Marsh is UST’s NetSuite Practice Leader.  Prior to joining U.S. Transactions Corp., Marsh McHenry has been involved in some of the most competitive areas of direct marketing sales since the late 90’s and was a top trainer for some of the largest sales organizations in the world.


Since joining UST in 2012,  he has been responsible for our managing our clients who are part of the ComdataDirect Network. Marsh also works with some of our Fortune 1000 company relationships to help them expand their use of MasterCard/Visa ePayables, and with their suppliers who need to minimize the cost/fees of credit card acceptance.


Marsh is upbeat, positive, and very pro-active in managing his customers needs, so our clients enjoy working with him.

Marsh McHenry

Sales Executive


Scott McHenry has an extensive and impressive career in sales and marketing. He has been involved in some of the most competitive areas of advertising sales since the late 80’s, but has been extremely successful because of his customer service, his understanding of his clients, his attention to details and focused tenacity.


Scott has been a high achievement real estate agent in Austin, Texas for over 10 years, specializing in real estate investors as his primary clients. In 2009, he joined U.S. Transactions Corp to help serve our client base in Texas and the South.


In addition to his knowledge of Level-III processing, Scott has helped clients with requirements involving the integration of Level-III payment gateways within industry leading ERP systems. Scott is successfully working on projects with a couple of Fortune 500 companies to help them significantly increase vendor enrollment for their virtual card programs.


One of the most upbeat and positive people, clients enjoy having Scott work for them because they always know it will be a pleasant, professional and fun [if not hilarious] experience.

Scott McHenry

Executive Vice President


Kate comes to UST from a high-paced marketing firm where her favorite client designed shoes for the working woman. From effective marketing strategy for startups to well-established companies, Kate learned to reach different audience groups and craft a message that resonates. She learned to strategically think through problems that arise and solve them with actionable items.


Kate is our graphic designing guru, word wizard and lover of all things music and coffee. Kate is a graduate of the University of West Florida where she earned degrees in Public Relations and Marketing.

Kate Coffey

VP of Marketing & Events


Michaela Johnson is Director of Customer Service.  She joined UST in 2018.  Michaela brings to UST over 15 years of experience in the payment processing industry including customer support and risk management positions at WorldPay and Priority Payment Systems. 


Michaela does exceptionally well addressing her client needs right away, and her 5-star ratings as an account executive are proof that clients love her.  If an issue comes up, it is likely one that she has dealt with before, so she is able to solve problems fast and effectively.


She has extensive knowledge of Level-3 payment gateways as well as PCI Compliance.  She conducts many of our new client onboarding training and assistance with PCI Control Scan.  Michaela attended college in Germany, and is fluent in German; but she says she moved to the Peachtree State of Georgia as fast as she could.

Michaela Johnson

Sr. Director of Client Support


Jen is COO and practice lead for our Microsoft ERP payment integration solutions. She is a subject matter expert in SaaS based platforms and was previously Director of Fintech Sales at Payrix, a leading SaaS based payments technology solution provider.


Jen is also a classical pianist and was a music instructor and owned her own studio for over 20 years. Her creativity, combined with. her technical skills makes her an excellent solutions-oriented resource for UST and clients.


She specializes in driving business growth and revenue through results oriented strategies across multiple divisions while maintaining a collaborative teamwork approach. Jen is a highly versatile and strategic leader who believes in the value of setting lofty goals and then distilling them into actionable plans.

Jen Glaze



Diana Reis is a senior member of the UST Education team. Diana maintains the online digital marketing content for UST Education and for the Presidential Forum. 


Prior to joining UST, Diana was Director of Marketing, Social Media, and online sales for Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen. Diana is based in Atlanta, GA.

Diana Reis

Events Manager


Nicole is Director of Events for UST Education and Presidential Forum, a collaborative roundtable for C-Level Association executives.


She has been instrumental in launching UST Education, a series of continuing professional education webinars geared toward the Association and B2B sectors.  Her passion and talent for project management, her detailed execution of go-to-market strategies, and her ability to streamline have proven indispensable in the growth of UST Ed from 1-2 events per month to 3-4 events per week.


She is recognized for her leadership style, proactive approach, and the ability to turn a vision into reality. 

Nicole graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Management and a concentration in marketing.

Nicole Crabtree

Director of Events


Jelyn Samson joined U.S. Transactions Corp. in June 2023. Jelyn is a dynamic executive assistant with over a decade of versatile experience spanning various industries. Known for her can-do attitude, Jelyn is not only capable of handling routine tasks with precision but is also ready to take on anything that comes her way.


What sets Jelyn apart is not just her wealth of experience, but her boundless passion for continuous learning. Always at the forefront of industry trends, she remains committed to expanding her skill set and embracing new challenges. This passion not only fuels her ability to adapt to evolving business environments but also positions her as a proactive force for positive change.

Jelyn Samson

Executive Assistant


Reilly brings with her a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from College of Costal Georgia, in Brunswick GA.

Prior to UST Reilly was a Marketing Manager in the payments field for three years for a company titled Tern, which is a FAAS platform that helps clients launch FinTech payment solutions, and in that time she headed Tern’s marketing department as well as helped develop brand voice, socials, and more. This role provided Reilly with an in-depth look into the payments industry as well as how to build a marketing presence with a small team for a start-up company from the ground up.

Reilly is passionate about personal growth, accomplishing goals, and doing the best to excel in every endeavor put before her.


Reilly Moriarty

Marketing Specialist

Executive Assistant

About Us

The TRUSTED Name in Merchant Services

Customers, when asked what they want in a vendor will overwhelmingly say they want caring,
personalized service of a boutique firm, combined with the security and technology scope that only a Fortune 100 company can provide.

Since 2009 that has been the premise upon which UST has operated as a business, and we will remain true to that principle because that is what we know existing and future customers want.
Read more about the 3 operating principles of our business to see why customers love to work with UST.

1. Offer a service level that only a specialty boutique firm can provide
2. Offer the security and technology scope that only the largest processors can provide
3.  Assist our clients with their PCI Compliance

Our Culture

Our Clients

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