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Revolutionize the way you do payments.

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Revolutionize the way you do payments.

What makes USTPay game changer?

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Payment Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365-Business Central

Accept payments quickly and securely with USTPay. 

USTPay offers over 120 payment gateway choices — allowing merchants to accept payments from multiple gateways in the simplest, fastest way possible.


Our competitive pricing, fast integration times and broad selection of features make it easy for customers to pay faster and more securely. 


Plus, our anti-fraud technology helps protect your business against fraud and maximize your revenue. 

120+ Gateway Choices

Tired of having to manually reconcile your batch deposit transactions?

USTPay is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their deposit reconciliation process. We specialize in simplifying payment processing, tracking, and reconciliations so that you don’t have to worry about all the manual labor associated with these tasks.


Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily track both batch and individual payments quickly and accurately.

Streamline Processes

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Collecting payments from customers should be simple.

USTPay makes collecting payments easy and secure for businesses of all sizes with our industry-leading technology that provides fast, reliable services at competitive prices.


With features like hosted payment pages, auth only, voids, partial payments, Level 3 processing and batch deposit reconciliation tools, we make it simple to get your money quickly and securely. 

Payment Collection

Do you want to save money on payment processing? 

USTPay can help your business save up to 30% in fees each month.  You can easily manage all payments with our streamlined integration into Business Central and receive their payments faster and more securely than ever before. 

We aim for higher customer satisfaction at lower operational costs for your business so you can keep more of your hard earned profits!

Reduce Fees

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Get access to the full


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USTPay gives Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users more options. Our solution is the only one that gives you the freedom to choose from over 120+ payment gateways and processors. Our integration is already built into D365/BC and tokenizes credit card data to store within D365/BC to keep your organization secure. This PCI Compliant solution helps you to reduce processing fees through Visa/MasterCard compliant Level-3 data.

Pre-Integrated Solution

Reduced PCI Compliance Scope



Ability to use Multiple Gateways (120+)

Collect Payment Faster

Personalized U.S. based support


  • Easy Set Up

  • Customized Dashboard

  • Hosted Payment Page & Card Verification

  • Collect Partial Payment

  • Taking Customer Payment on Outstanding Invoice and/or Account Balance

  • Collect Customer Deposit

  • Customer Wallets using Tokenized Data

  • Level-3 Data Processing

  • Authorization Only

  • Refunds / Partial Refunds / Voids (Same Day)

  • Batch Deposit Reconciliation Tool

Microsoft D365 Webinars

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