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Smoother Payments in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Multi-Gateways

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Is your current payments provider keeping up with your needs? If not, you may identify with Jordan's situation.

Close-up image of a woman's hand paying a bill with a credit card using contactless credit card payments terminal device

As the CFO for a B2B technology company, Jordan was struggling with their merchant services provider.

The business was growing, and customers were asking for more payment services options.

The payments platform in place was not flexible and had limited gateway options – a recipe for chaos. In addition,

Jordan was concerned about security and a rigid user interface that limited customization. Once these issues started affecting customers and causing complaints, enough was enough. Jordan needed to find a better option.

If you've been in Jordan's shoes, you know that traditional payment solutions can be great - that is until your business needs change or you outgrow their options. Suddenly, the limitations and pain points become apparent and put you in the hot seat. And no one likes being in the hot seat.

Providing innovative and reliable merchant services since 2009, USTPay is the only integrated payments provider for Dynamics 365 Business Central that offers you the freedom to choose from over 120 different payment gateways and processors.

Growing companies that can't afford to be limited by conventional payment processing options are realizing the benefits of this flexible and money-saving solution.

Payment gateways are the bridge that connects customers, merchants, and financial institutions.

But what happens when you need to switch providers or make necessary changes, such as enabling additional payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, GooglePay, ApplePay, or others?

What should be simple pivots can wreak havoc internally, and those struggles soon transfer over to your customers.

But there's good news - USTPay is the most comprehensive and adaptive payment processing solution available, and the benefits in flexibility, security, financial advantages, and ease of use are game-changing.

Payments Flexibility - Change is easy with USTPay!

As the only provider with 120+ gateway and processor options, USTPay empowers you with the freedom of choice. Need to change or add payment gateway options? You got it. Ready to enable international currencies? Easy!

As your company changes or grows, there is no need to panic at the thought of having to start over again with a new payment provider.

USTPay is the most flexible payment solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

When things change, you'll never be locked into a solution that no longer suits your business needs.

Payments Security - Peace of mind is underrated

Tokenization provides safe transactions without risking your customers' data being compromised or stolen.

As a result, it's more difficult for hackers to steal customers' credit card information or other sensitive data, and transactions are protected.

Customers who feel secure and protected are Happy customers.

The added benefit for your company - besides smiling customers - is the increased security level, which helps with meeting compliance and regulations.

Financial Benefits - Who doesn't want to save money?

USTPay collects Level 3 data in transactions. What does that mean?

Level 3 data is specific to B2B transactions, as line-item detail about your transactions can be provided to credit card companies to reduce their risk. The additional information is much less likely to be fraudulent than a transaction that only includes a name, date, and charge amount so that processing fees can be reduced.

For your company, the benefits of Level 3 data include lower interchange fees by as much as 30% compared to Visa/Mastercard transactions, which are processed through the standard methods. Level 3 data also provides improved fraud detection on purchases. It can even improve customer service because the data is more specific and detailed, facilitating swift validation and reconciliation from the cardholder, which prevents chargebacks.

USTPay also enables you to collect payments faster - including partial payments and deposits. Does process optimization excite you? You'll be able to streamline processes through batch deposits and the quick and accurate tracking of individual payments. And - as mentioned earlier - options for international currencies allow you to transact business globally–a massive step in growing your client base.

Ease of Use - Make your job easier

No matter how extensive the benefits of a platform are, if it's not easy to use, you'll have barriers to adoption and success. USTPay has that covered.

Pre-integrated and built into Dynamics 365 Business Central, USTPay provides an easy-to-use interface with customized dashboards that reflect the most critical data for your specific use cases. And with over 120 gateway and processor options, you can choose what you need now, with the ability to pivot to other options as those needs change.

Back to our friend, Jordan - Since making the switch to USTPay, Jordan spends less time troubleshooting and putting out fires, which has translated to increased productivity and the ability to tackle more important strategic initiatives. The company is saving costs on transaction fees, becoming more profitable, and continuing to grow with a lot fewer headaches and happier customers.

Are you ready to revolutionize your payments?

About the author

U.S. Transactions Corp., a premier B2B enterprise service provider, collaborates with its clients to deliver an exceptional experience every time, from industry-lowest rates and cutting-edge technology to Level-3 processing that can save your organization up to 30 percent on costs! Since 2009, UST has been a trusted source for Commercial Enterprises, Associations, and Nonprofits looking to maximize their success rate through superior payment solutions designed specifically for them.


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